Ivan Beecroft’s March 2017 release of critically acclaimed single “Believe” is now available in our online store with two free downloads of rare unreleased song material!!

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Listen to BELIEVE by Ivan Beecroft #np on #SoundCloud

If Believe is a premonition for what listeners should expect from the rest of Ivan Beecroft’s upcoming album, anyone fortunate enough to listen in will be in for a treat.

Review by Neu Futur

The track “Believe” is the first single to be released from Ivan’ s upcoming album.
The song starts with a distinctive drum roll to ease into the intro, before any lyrics are heard the song appears to give off a definite pop sensibility. The first line in the first verse suggests that the rest of the lyrics will continue in a cliched manner, but the second line does an unexpected 180° turn that grabs your attention to raise enough curiosity to see where this song’s lyrical trajectory will end up. The jungle rhythm in the verse is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk”.
The piano in this track is well thought out and adds to the drums to give an upbeat groove to the track, while clever use of a 60’s organ and intermittent use of celeste makes for a very retro sound. The vocals in the chorus give the song an emotional dimension that makes it difficult to ignore the desperation in the lyrics. In summary “Believe” is a bittersweet slightly desperate song about relationships in the context of the difficulties of our times.

Ivan Beecroft’s “Believe” is a compelling, concise piece, one whose message feels timeless.

Review by Beachsloth

Ivan has a real knack for capturing the true essence of life from the perspective of an honest and concerned member of the existing human social construct.

Review by Middle Tennessee Music

On his latest single “Believe,” Beecroft packs in a lot of pain and hope into just over three minutes. It’s a light track yet weighted by the creator’s many experiences. “Believe” is the first from Beecroft’s upcoming record.

Review by Scallywag Magazine




Watch “Believe” on YouTube.



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